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Odour measurement equipment

Odour measurement equipment


Olfasense is the world-leading supplier of odour laboratory technologies and odour measurement equipment, including olfactometers, sampling tools, software, calibration services and much more.

The specially designed, unique odour measurement technology is used by more than 400 laboratories, research institutes, universities and companies worldwide.

Our employees’ expertise is key to our success in this field – and means we can develop the very best customised odour measurement and sampling equipment in the world. Or, put simply – we are your one-stop provider of odour measurement technology solutions.

Our odour measurement solutions

All part of the Olfasense service

It’s not only our expertise, experience and innovative capacity that make us global leader in supplying odour laboratory technologies and measurement equipment. With accompanying services built around you, you are in the best of hands to keep your odour laboratory running at peak performance.

We are happy to respond to your query personally. Our service staff is available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm CET. Call us on +49 431 220 12 26 or email

Receiving fast and reliable support

The excellent service provided by all our staff is central to our overall company offering.

Our maintenance team is committed to looking after your odour laboratory equipment and resolving any technical issues promptly and efficiently, to get your odour laboratory back up to full speed as rapidly as possible.

What is more, all our products come with a warranty of 24 months. Third party products (compressor, notebook, etc.) come with 12 months warranty.

Customer-oriented olfactometer calibration

If you need a calibration laboratory, Olfasense is the smart choice.

Olfasense offers calibrations for olfactometers and dilution devices according to EN 13725 with proprietary calibration certificate in accordance with ISO 17025.

So, get your instruments calibrated at Olfasense to guarantee excellent results in the long term.

Guiding you in your first steps through the world of odours

If you need to be on top form in any aspect of odour assessment and control, you’ll want Olfasense’s specialist expertise at your fingertips.

By investing in one of our bespoke training courses, you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn from the experts, but you’ll also get invaluable, tailored advice.

We’re proud to offer specialist training that really delivers. With a range of group and individual training packages, we cater for staff in both industrial and regulatory roles.

Certified distributor network

In addition to direct sales and support, Olfasense serves its clients via a global network of certified distributors to offer the highest levels of service across the whole globe.

Our certified distributors

Our distributors are chosen carefully to ensure our clients can enjoy the best local service. Click through the tabs to find out more.


Envirometrika is Olfasense’s exclusive Ortelium® sales partner in Chile. As odour regulations are developed in Latin America, input from established experts in the field is critical. A leading provider of odour consultancy in Chile and the rest of South America, and a longstanding Olfasense partner, Envirometrika is well placed to make a difference.

Beijing Jinhongfan Trading Co., Ltd

Beijing Jinhongfan Trading Co., Ltd is Olfasense's distribution partner for China, Macau and Hong Kong.

Inco Ambiental Ltda

Inco Ambiental Ltda is our exclusive distributor in the Colombian market for Olfasense's vast portfolio of odour measurement equipment and software technology. Inco Ambiental, headquartered in Cali, is a leading environmental consultancy in Colombia with over 30 years experience in public and industrial sectors such as food processing, chemicals, asphalt, breweries and healthcare, among others.

Hornik Sp. z o.o.

Hornik has been Olfasense’s exclusive sales partner in Poland since 2007, offering great expertise in supporting clients to set up their odour laboratory.


OCS Group LLC is our exclusive distributor in Russia and Kazakhstan for Olfasense's vast portfolio of odour measurement equipment and our environmental data intelligence application Ortelium. OCS Group LLC is headquartered in Moscow and runs an independent odour measurement laboratory, which assists industrial and agricultural enterprises, engineering and consulting firms, as well as local authorities in measuring and managing odours.

ECM ECO Monitoring, a.s.

ECM ECO Monitoring, a.s. is Olfasense's sales partner in the Slovac Republic. With offices all over Southeastern Europe, the company is offering state of art solutions for broad range of monitoring systems targeting different industries.

Star Analitik Cihazlar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Star Analitik Cihazlar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. is Olfasense’s exclusive distributor in the Turkish and Azerbaijan market for our vast portfolio of odour measurement equipment. Star Analitik, headquartered in Istanbul, is a leading company in Turkey providing analytical laboratory equipment sales and technical services for a variety of industries (e.g. energy, food, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry) and laboratories.

St. Croix Sensory

St.Croix is Olfasense’s exclusive distributor in the North American market for Olfasense’s extensive portfolio of odour measurement equipment, including the new TO evolution olfactometers and Ortelium® . St. Croix Sensory is the leading odour laboratory in North America with international recognition in the field of odour measurement.