CSD30 odour sampling device

The CSD30 is a sampling device for collecting odour samples in gas sampling bags, with a default odour sampling duration of 30 minutes.

Using the lung principle, the sample flows into the gas sampling bag through the sampling tube only, without passing through pumps or other equipment.

The materials used for ‘wetted’ parts that are in contact with the sample flow are PTFE and stainless steel, in compliance with EN 13725.

The sample flow is regulated using a calibrated nozzle that’s integrated in the sampling device. Other nozzles, flows and filling times are available on request.

The odour sampling rate is independent of the static pressure conditions at the sampling point if the pressure difference is less than 150 mbar. The sampling flow is closed automatically once the gas sampling bag is full. Alternatively, you can select a shorter sampling duration using a countdown timer.

The CSD30 odour sampling device operates from its integrated rechargeable NiCd battery, so does not require an AC power connection. The device is also robust and easy to operate.

CSD30 odour sampling device


The CSD30 odour sampling device is fully compliant with:

  • VDI 3880
  • EN 13725


    • Microprocessor-controlled pump, flow controlled by orifice disc
    • 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute or 30-minute continuous sampling
    • Easily portable
    • Stops automatically
    • High-quality rechargeable batteries (last for about 16 x 30-minute samples)

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    Technical Data

    General Details
    Olfasense GmbH, Germany
    Dimension (L x W x H)
    700 x 190 x 260 mm
    4.8 kg
    24 months (warranty extension up to 5 years through servicecontracts possible)
    Technical Specifications
    Sample volume (bag size)
    10 l
    Filling time
    30, 15, 10 or 5 minutes
    Suction pressure

    50 mbar
    Battery NiCd
    6V 5Ah
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