Interlaboratory comparisons and proficiency tests

Olfasense is provider of proficiency tests according to EN 13725 and VDA 270 and has been accredited since 2005. Our proficiency tests are open to everyone and offered regularly every one to two years.

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EN 13725 ILC

EN 13725 proficiency test

The EN 13725 proficiency test gives odour laboratories the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in odour concentration analysis according to EN 13725.

Taking part in EN 13725 proficiency testing is essential for accreditation under ISO 17025.

All measurements of the EN 13725 interlaboratory comparison are carried out:

  • locally, at the site of the participating odour laboratory
  • within five working days
  • odour samples are sent in pressurised cans by Olfasense
  • fairly and impartially – and, for complete peace of mind, we advise you to invite an independent observer to witness the proficiency test measurements
VDA 270 Interlaboratory Comparison

VDA 270 proficiency test

Olfasense offers regular proficiency tests for the automobile guideline VDA 270 – Determination of the odour characteristics of trim materials in motor vehicles.

Since 2006, the VDA 270 interlaboratory comparison has been conducted by providing sets of reference materials for training. These training sets include test samples that must be prepared for evaluation as described in the VDA 270.

Trainees are then provided with the VDA 270 grade of each sample, so they can gain a better knowledge and understanding of this odour measurement scale.

VOC proficiency tests

Regular proficiency tests for VOC emission and odour in the automotive industry

Olfasense is organizing VOC proficiency tests for VOC emission and odour in the automotive industry on a non-regular basis.

In the past, the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.) was initiator, while Olfasense was responsible for planning, execution and data evaluation.

This interlaboratory comparison usually covers a variety of international automotive standards, such as:

  • VDA 278
  • ISO 12219-3
  • ISO 12219-4
  • ISO 12219-6
  • ISO 12219-7
Gas odorisation proficiency test

Gas odorisation interlaboratory comparison

Olfasense offers interlaboratory tests for gas odorisation in order to:

  • increase the reliability of results through the sensory analysis of blind samples from several laboratories
  • identify qualified laboratories that can carry out regular measurements independently

These interlaboratory tests are carried out in accordance with various national norms, including:

  • DVGW G 280 – 1:2004-08 (applies in Germany)
  • AFG specifications – Odeur du GPL (Com D/N39 Rev4) (applies in France)
Customized proficiency test

Customer-specific interlaboratory comparisons

Olfasense has the ability to develop other, innovative interlaboratory comparisons with you.

Contact us via to set up your customized interlaboratory comparison.

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