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We routinely assist our clients with a number of our services to supplement any of our odour studies.

Applied odour training

Applied odour training

Specialist odour training in product and material testing

If you need to be on top form in any aspect of odour assessment and control, you’ll want Olfasense’s specialist expertise at your fingertips.

By investing in one of our bespoke odour training courses, you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn from the experts, but you’ll also get invaluable, tailored advice.

With a range of group and individual packages, we offer specialist training that really delivers.

We also organize regular odour workshops. To find out more, please visit www.olfasense-workshop.com.

Olfasense quality seal

Olfasense quality seal

The Olfasense quality seal enables manufacturers to demonstrate the olfactory performance of their products

The Olfasense quality seal with combined permanent quality assurance process enables manufacturers to highlight unique or particular olfactory properties of their products and have this confirmed by an independent body. That way consumers are supported in their purchasing decision by letting them rely on the independent judgment of a neutral expert. Below you find the award criteria for the Olfasense quality seal. Talk to us today to develop the right test design to prove your product claim!

Award criteria for the Olfasense quality seal

Product claim to be scientifically proven
Odour reduction performance of an anti-odour product compared to a standard product.

Sample preparation
Identical sample preparation of the anti-odour product and the standard product according to conditions that mimic the real-life usage as closely as possible.

Sample evaluation
Human sensory odour measurement of the anti-odour product and the standard product with odour panellists that were selected and trained according to EN 13725.

Awarding of the Olfasense quality seal
The Olfasense quality seal is only awarded if the differences in odour reduction performance between the anti-odour product and the standard product is significant. Significance is achieved in the significance test with a confidence interval of at least 95% (p-value <5%).

As a permanent quality assurance process, the above described procedure will be repeated annually, or as soon as significant changes are made in the production process of the anti-odour product.

If you have further questions regarding the Olfasense quality seal and its award criteria, please send us a message via pm@olfasense.com.

Consumer studies

Consumer studies

Our customised studies help you get to know your consumers

Don’t expect your consumers to think like product developers.

That is why our consumer studies can be an essential cornerstone of product development. Not sure how your panel group should be composed?

We can offer advice on that too. With plenty of experience in setting up sociodemographic panels, we can organise them to meet specific criteria.

Depending on the product and test design, panel groups can be run in:

  • domestic settings
  • studio design
  • hospitals and nursing homes
  • schools and universities
  • gyms
  • hotels
Raw data collection

Raw data collection

Raw data is the key to engaging with your consumers

Whatever your business and odour analysis needs, and whoever your consumers, you can benefit from Olfasense’s experience in communication and statistical evaluation.

Olfasense uses a range of methods to bring you closer to your consumer and help you optimise the odour characteristics of your product or material.

From group discussions to in-use tests, each data collection method offers certain advantages.

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