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Olfasense has always aimed to be an innovator, so it is fitting that we pioneered ISO 17025 accreditation for odour – the main and most important standard for calibration and testing laboratories globally. We obtained our first (ISO 17025) accreditation certificate on 28 September 1993 for our Amsterdam laboratory.

We now run four accredited testing laboratories for olfactometry in accordance with the European Standard EN 13725. Our companies provide both accredited odour sampling and odour analyses services. Please see our scopes of accreditation for details on the accredited services we can offer you:


Olfasense DAkkS Accrediation

Besides the accredited odour sampling and olfactometry services, the German laboratory is accredited for immission impact forecast according to TA Luft, the VDA 270 and PV3900 measurement methods and ISO 16000-28 lndoor air, Part 28 Determination of odour emissions from building products using test chambers. What’s more, the conditioning and testing process of Nalophan gas sample bags is also accredited under ISO 17025.


  • Our Dutch laboratory with RvA registration number L403Olfasense-RVA-Accrediation

The Dutch laboratory is accredited for odour sampling and olfactometry services, including hedonic tone measurements according to NVN2818.


  • Our two UK laboratories with UKAS registration number 2430Olfasense UKAS Accrediation

Besides odour sampling and olfactometry services, the United Kingdom laboratories hold MCERTS accreditation for odour, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and bioaerosols testing.


In addition, Olfasense is accredited to carry out proficiency tests for the measurement methods EN 13725 and VDA 270 according to ISO 17043 (DAkkS registration number D-EP-17433-01-00).


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