Environmental odour analysis, assessment & control

Accredited, independent odour consultancy

Benefit from our know-how as accredited odour measurement provider and renowned odour experts. Olfasense offers a full range of sensory and molecular odour sampling and odour analysis services to identify, measure and forecast environmental odours, assess odour impact, and help you define robust odour control solutions.

In accordance with the regulatory requirements, we provide you with a comprehensive odour report. Clear recommendations for action and tailor-made solutions for your plant help you to comply with odour regulations as part of your planning or regulatory permits. Appropriate odour management strategies will help you, in a very pragmatic way

  • to sustainably control emissions
  • to optimally plan odour reduction
  • to minimise the risks of odour impact
  • to avoid social, regulatory and legal conflicts
Environmental odour analysis, assessment & control

Build on our recognised know-how - and our accreditations according to international odour standards

Odour emission measurement and odour impact assessment are a key factor in the approval and planning of many industrial and agricultural facilities. Which can mean nothing less than securing the operation of your plant. In order to eliminate environmental ‘nuisance’ odours, we analyse the sources of emissions at various point sources or area sources of your plant. On this basis, we evaluate the pathways and the odour impact. Our expertise: 4 accredited odour laboratories and a state-of-the-art GC-Sniffing-MS laboratory for molecular odour evaluation. More than 6500 realized odour projects with our own mobile laboratory worldwide. Our claim: Sensory and molecular odour analyses at the highest level – including the accurate selection of panelists, specific training, and the monitoring of precise data.

odour source pathway impact


Our services in the field of odour measurement

Client feedback

Our extensive experience includes a portfolio of over 5000 projects for hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, from small family-run businesses to major multinationals. Here’s what our clients say about environmental odour analysis, assessment & control services.

Target industries

Whether in industrial or environmental applications: with bundled know-how, many years of experience in odor projects, and through our involvement in relevant odour working and standardisation groups, we support you in gaining an understanding of the odor potential of your plant, planning effective odour mitigation & control, and improving relations with the community. Sectors that we have been consulting, include:

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We’ve started small but we’ve always aimed high. Find out more about our history, our scopes of accreditation, and our involvement in relevant odour working and standardisation groups.

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