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From Odour Data to Odour Knowledge

With more than 30 years of experience, Olfasense UK Ltd. (formerly Odournet UK Ltd) offers a full range of consultancy and laboratory services to assist our clients to assess, evaluate and control odours. Whether your interest relates to environmental ‘nuisance’ odours released from an industrial activity or you wish to understand the sensory characteristics of a new consumer product or materials, Olfasense can help. Our extensive experience includes a portfolio of over 5000 projects for hundreds of satisfied clients world-wide, from small family run businesses to major multinationals. We are also world leaders in the supply of odour measurement technology and olfactometers.


Olfasense UK Ltd in 90 seconds

No time to scroll through the whole website? Check out our 90-second elevator pitch videos below to learn more about our key services. Our UK teams are ready to answer your questions in no time. Get in touch with us via or phone our labs in Bristol (+44 (0)1225 868869) or Northwich (+44 (0)161 929 6778).

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environmental odour testing

Our key activities

Environmental odour analysis, assessment & control

We are an award-winning consultancy that specialises in odour assessment and control.

We offer a full range of services to identify and analyse environmental odours, including odour surveys, odour impact assessments, odour dispersion modelling, UKAS accredited odour analysis, MCERTS accredited odour emission testing, odour control and abatement advice and expert witness.

We operate two UKAS accredited laboratories located in Northwich and Bristol and serve clients across the UK, Ireland. We also offer support for international projects in the US, Canada, Middle East and far East.

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odour testing products materials

Our other key activities

Product & material odour testing and optimisation

The odour characteristics of consumer products can play an important role in determining their commercial success. In some cases, a product’s odour or ability to effect or reduce odour can provide a unique selling point. In others, the presence of unwanted odours can adversely impact the product’s desirability.

Olfasense offers a range of specialist services to help their clients optimise the odour characteristics of their products. This includes studies to diagnose the cause of odour off-notes; support product R&D and quality control, and demonstrate ‘proof of claim’ applications (e.g. for products designed to reduce or improve odour).

Central to these services is our ability to combine standardised sensory & molecular odour analysis techniques in innovative project-specific test designs tailored to meet our client objectives.

odour testing equipment

Odour measurement equipment

Olfasense is the world-leading supplier of odour laboratory technologies and odour measurement equipment, including olfactometers, sampling tools, software, calibration services and much more.

The specially designed, unique odour measurement technology is used by more than 400 laboratories, research institutes, universities and companies worldwide.

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odour testing proficiency test

Odour laboratory quality management services

If you operate an odour laboratory, you’ll want it to achieve the highest possible standards. Not only that – you’ll want to be able to demonstrate them too.

Olfasense’s odour laboratory quality management services are designed to support you in this aim.

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Success stories

6500 successful odour projects and more than 400 equipped labs in over 65 countries

  • Environmental
  • Product Testing
  • Instruments
  • QA/QC Services

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