Product optimisation and material testing

Do your products have the smell of success? Our odour analysis services can tell you!

We can assess how your product is perceived by consumers in terms of odour, using trained or naive sensory panels, depending on your desired test set-up and related questions. Perceptions, of course, are hard to quantify or explain, but we use molecular odour analysis to find the reasons behind them.

Better still, we’ve got some great ideas about optimising product performance, identifying off-odours, supporting quality control, and to scientifically substantiate product claims. So, whatever sensory or molecular odour aspects you want to test, we can give you the answers!


Want to know more about us?

We’ve started small but we’ve always aimed high. Find out more about our history, our scopes of accreditation, and our involvement in relevant odour working and standardisation groups.

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Do you know our Noseletter?

Stay current on the latest updates on odour management

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