Off-odours are a common issue for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Whether it’s a medical complaint that causes odour, such as halitosis, or the sensory properties of a new drug that needs to be made more appealing to patients, odour is one of the key parameters in the pharmaceutical industry.

Olfasense offers a highly effective combination of human-sensory and analytical methodologies for pharmaceutical odour testing. Our individually designed tests will swiftly evaluate the odour ​performance​ of your particular pharmaceutical product – anything from tablet coatings to medicine packaging.

We can also give you invaluable information about your specific area of interest or concern – including shelf-life, benchmark comparison, placebo development, quality assurance, and much more.

odour testing Pharmaceuticals
odour testing Pharmaceuticals

Our range of odour testing services includes:

  • ​testing the off-odour masking​ performance of a drug coating​, encapsulation or similar
  • assessing the efficiency of different quantities of coating or similar in masking the off-odours​ of medicines
  • ​​testing the performance of pharmaceutical products in reducing certain smells, such as odours caused by halitosis
  • evaluating odour intensity, hedonic tone and acceptability, as well as ​​odour characterisation
  • quantifying odour development over time (for example, during shelf-life, and after opening the packaging)
  • identifying those compounds causing an off-odour in the medicine
  • ​comparison of the odour of brand and generic products, and benchmark comparison​
  • optimisation of odour-matching placebo development for clinical trials
  • odour evaluation of pharmaceutical packaging.

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