Odour testing in the automotive sector

Olfasense is approved laboratory for odour measurements of various automotive manufacturers, including Nissan, Volkswagen and BMW.


Odour and emission testing services

Olfasense is accredited for the VDA 270 measurement method, and is an accepted service laboratory of Volkswagen for PV3942 and PV3900 measurements.

In addition, Olfasense performs specific manufacturers’ standard checks on individual components (e.g. Nissan NES M 0160, Toyota TSM0505G and BMW GS 97013).

Our automotive odour testing is thorough and comprehensive, and we also offer individual conditioning and evaluation procedures.

We will evaluate the whole vehicle interior, to determine the overall odour character of the vehicle. Sample preparation takes place in accordance with ISO 12219-1:2012. This test can also be used to find any ‘interfering’ components that may cause an undesirable odour.

VOC test chamber EK250A

We have more to offer

Besides our automotive odour studies, we assist our clients with a number of additional services and equipment:

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