Automotive testing according to common standards

Automotive companies, their OEMs, and parts suppliers are facing the ongoing responsibility to limit the potential for passenger exposure to VOCs.

If you are involved in the manufacturing of passenger compartments in the vehicle interior, you want to ensure that your products and materials meet specific emission standards defined in the common European and international standards as well as specific manufacturers’ standards.

Olfasense is your accredited testing lab to determine the VOC content and odour of your vehicle interior materials. We offer our expertise in performing chamber testing to satisfy your requirements, no matter if you want to test coatings, plastics, vinyls, fabrics, leathers, just to mention a few.

VOC emission test chamber Testing

Approved laboratory for PV 3942 measurements

We are happy to let you know that Olfasense is an accepted service laboratory of Volkswagen to perform tests according to PV 3942. This testing method is used to characterize the VOC and odour emission behaviour of parts, components, and semi-finished products used in the vehicle interior.

Our PV 3942 tests are carried out by our skilled odour and VOC specialists using Olfasense emission test chambers, which allow characterization of the emissions of volatile organic compounds under precise test conditions, and are fully compliant with the PV 3942 requirements.

The chemical analysis is performed on the basis of ISO 16000-6 in our cutting-edge GC-Sniffing-MS laboratory, while the HPLC analysis is performed on the basis of ISO 16000-3. In addition, we work with accurately selected and trained odour panellists to carry out the PV 3942 odour assessment. Once the analysis is done, you will receive a meaningful and comprehensible report.

We are aware, you want to be sure that our PV 3942 analysis is consistently robust and accurate. We are therefore pleased to report that in the 2020 Volkswagen proficiency test, the averaged deviation of our laboratory differed only 4.4% from the expected result range, meeting the target deviation of <30%.


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