VOC test chamber EK1000

The quality of indoor air in vehicles is strongly influenced by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from components, semi-finished products and materials used in the vehicle interior.

The Olfasense VOC emission test chamber EK1000 allows characterization of the emissions of volatile organic compounds under precise test conditions, and is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 12219-4 and VDA 276.

The chamber meets also all requirements of the manufacturer standardards GS97014-3 (BMW method), PN 780 (Porsche method), VCS 1027, 2769 (Volvo method), as well as PV 3942 (Volkswagen method).

The chamber is optionally available with a SHED function for testing according to GS-97014-2, as well as a fogging device according to VDA 276-2 and PV 3943 Volkswagen Method.

The chamber has been developed in close cooperation with experts from industry and research, and can be used for a broad analytical performance spectrum via 4 heated sample ports.


  • 1 mVOC emission test chamber
  • Fully compliant with
    • ISO 12219-4 (Determination of VOCs from vehicle interior parts and materials )
    • VDA 276 (Determination of Organic Substances as Emitted from Automotive Interior Products Using a 1 m3 Test Chamber)
    • GS97014-3 BMW Method (Determination of VOCs from components, semifinished products and materials)
    • PN 780 Porsche Method (Interieur – Emission behavior)
    • VCS 1027, 2769 Volvo Method (Determination of volatile organic substances from interior components/systems using a 1 m³ emission chamber)
    • PV 3942 Volkswagen Method (Determining Organic Emissions from Components for the Passenger Compartment of Motor Vehicles. Emission Test)
  • Optional:
    • SHED function for testing according to GS-97014-2 BMW Method (Emissions measurement in SHED chambers. Determination of volatile, organic emissions from components, semi-finished products and materials that do not carry fuel)
    • Fogging device according to VDA 276-2 and PV 3943 Volkswagen Method (Determination of formaldehyde, ammonia and phenols)
    • ISO 16000-9 (Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing)
    • EN 717-1 (Wood-based panels – Determination of formaldehyde release)
    • GEV – testing method (Detarmination of volatile organic compounds of home floor products etc.)


  • „Emission-free“ test chamber
  • High accuracy and performance of all normative parameters
  • Prevention of contamination from the surrounding environment
  • Minimal adsorption effects
  • Thermal desorption cleaning function up to 220°C

If you have additional requirements, please ask for your tailormade product solution.

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