Sensory and molecular evaluation of fragrances

Olfasense’s range of sensory analysis and molecular analysis of fragrances can be essential to the development and optimisation of products and materials.

Odour testing fragrances

Service portfolio

We can offer you:

  • sampling of fragrances (e.g. vaporising using the Olfasense Liquid to Gas Vaporiser (LiGaVa))
  • analysis of odour concentration using dynamic olfactometry according to EN 13725
  • information on how much substance you need for a sensory impression (linear vs. logarithmical scale).
  • sensory evaluation and comparison of fragrances according to various parameters such as intensity, hedonic tone and polarity profiling using an expert panel
  • molecular analysis and comparison of fragrances, e.g. to determine odour-relevant components or to analyse the release of aromas when applied to human skin
  • longevity testing

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