Hair care & body care products

Odour studies of hair care and body care products

Scent is a primary purchase driver in body and hair care products, making fragrance a key element in product marketing.

Olfasense offers testing services for a wide range of body and hair care cleaning and treatment products.

These include individually designed odour tests that are developed to meet your specific needs and to answer consumer questions on how the fragrance of your product performs, and how long it will last. Those tests are based on comparison test designs using a variety of sensory evaluation and molecular analysis methods (GC MS, GC-Sniffing-MS, fast GC-IMS).

Our scientific and independent efficacy testing and claim support studies are extremely valuable for the development and quality assurance of hair care and body care products, but that’s not all. They’re also a great selling point that will build consumer confidence and boost your marketing efforts.

Odour testing hair care body care

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