OFIM – Online Field Inspection Manager

The Online Field Inspection Manager (OFIM) was developed especially for the needs of odour laboratories performing field inspection projects.

So you’ll be pleased to know that it’s fully compliant with the EN 16841-1 guideline and serves as a central platform for your field inspection projects. Using Web 4.0 state-of-the-art technology, the OFIM offers powerful tools that can save you valuable time and effort while also increasing the quality and traceability of results.

Online Field Inspection Manager
OFIM – Online Field Inspection Manager

The OFIM supports you from the early planning stages of your project right through to delivery of results to your clients. Combining an online web application for management of inspection projects and a user-friendly smartphone application for digital data collection, it ensures up-to-date and instantly available inspection results – without the need for a paper-based protocol.

And, better still, GPS location checks and exact time recording inspections make sure that your assessors are at the right location at the right time.

Whether you want to use the OFIM to manage different odours, assign odours to sources or create pre-defined or customised inspection schedules, you can take care of it in just a few clicks. Providing automated calculation of results and different data views, the OFIM gives you a fast and detailed overview of the current odour situation in the area. So you can dispense with cumbersome and time-consuming manual analysis and transfer of results into other documents – which also means there’s less potential for error.

The OFIM is accessible worldwide and gives you the option to create reports and to offer your clients direct access to validated results. Periodic reporting has never been so easy!

What’s more, the OFIM data can be automatically fed into the environmental data intelligence application Ortelium, which records and visualises a variety of odour information to facilitate and enrich odour control and odour complaint management.


  • Online planning of inspection points, routes and grids
  • Management of odours and odour sources
  • Creation of pre-defined and customised inspection schedules
  • Assessor management and time-scheduling featuring appointment confirmation and reminder e-mails
  • Digital data collection via user-friendly smartphone app
  • GPS logging for exact assessor positioning
  • Exact time recording
  • Instant availability of results
  • Automated calculation
  • Detailed data views
  • Customer access to validated results for easy reporting
  • Excel export function
  • Optional data feed into Ortelium


The OFIM is fully compliant with EN 16841-1.


Case Study

A municipality and the local municipal wastewater treatment plant used OFIM to identify an odour source by performing field inspection projects and integrating citizens directly into the process.  The council of Kelsterbach and the operator of the potential source – the local municipal wastewater treatment plant (Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt am Main) – received around 130 complaints in six weeks. Observations of trained sniffers using OFIM and of citizens living in the affected environment were combined, providing valuable information about location, time, duration,and also the character of the odour perceived. This helpeld to investigate the odour source and to implement measures to minimise the odour impact risk.

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