Filter system

This easy-to-use filter system consists of a PCA tube (Makrolon®) with a stainless steel lid and base.

This unit is available with four feet for mobile application or with a wall bracket for use in odour laboratories.

The filter system connects an oil-free compressor, or a bottle of compressed gas, and the olfactometer.

It is filled with silica gel, activated carbon, filter cotton and a microfine filter for the separation of moisture, organic compounds and dust.

The aim is to achieve uncontaminated reference-air, or zero-air. The air inlet and outlet are 8mm compressed air quick connectors.

The system has been tested to 6 bar. The pressure limit valve limits the working pressure of the TO-series olfactometers to 4 bar, which stabilises the system and ensures a constant working pressure.

Filter system


  • Filter system for odour laboratory use
  • Connection via oil-free compressor or compressed gas
  • Separation of moisture, organic compounds and dust
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Portable

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