PureSniff II and direct evaluation of odour samples

The PureSniff system allows the standardised presentation of undiluted odour samples.

With a PureSniff device, you can measure an odour’s intensity, hedonic tone and pleasantness by the direct evaluation of an undiluted odour sample.

The PureSniff system is an odour presentation device according to the automotive standards ISO 12219-7 and BMW GS 97014-4. In addition, it is specifically utilised in market sectors such as the manufacturing of perfumes and fragrances, building materials, textiles, consumer goods and personal care industries.

The PureSniff II consists of two sealed tubes, which can be provided with gas sampling bags independently of each other, allowing for direct evaluation comparison tests (sample A versus sample B).

As the operator triggers a volume flow, the odour sample is pushed out of the gas sampling bag and passes through a funnel (diffuser) to the human nose. Each olfactory tester or examiner gets an identical odour sample with a standardised volume flow and constant presentation time (as described in ISO 16000-28). As a default setting, the sample is offered for about 2.5 seconds at a volume flow of 20 litres per minute.

Using a 10-litre gas sampling bag filled to approximately 70%, one sample serves for about 10 presentations. The cylinder is made of clear PVC so visual checks can easily be made.

PureSniff II and direct evaluation of odour samples


  • Fully compliant with
    • GS97014-4 BMW Method (Emission measurement with air exchange in a testing chamber – Determination of the olfactory behavior)
    • ISO 12219-7 (Odour determination in interior air of road vehicles and test chamber air of trim components by olfactory measurements)
  • Ready for comparable tests (sample A against sample B)
  • Constant flow
  • Standardised sample presentation
  • PTFE and stainless steel (EN 13725)
  • Easy to use and connect
  • Measure an odour’s intensity, hedonic tone and pleasantnes
PureSniff II
PureSniff II

Technical Data

General Details
Olfasense GmbH, Germany
Dimension (L x W x H)
274 x 430 x 860 mm
9 kg
24 months (warranty extension up to 5 years through servicecontracts possible)
Technical Specifications
Sample volume
10 l max
Duration of presentation
2.5 sec
Volume flow
20 l/min
Air supply
2 - 5 bar
Power supply
External power supply (12V, 65W max)

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