Nalophan gas sampling bags

Our ready-to-use sample bags have been designed to meet the quality requirements of EN 13725, to minimise the risk of contamination of odour samples.

Olfasense’s sample bags are made of Nalophan® and PTFE tubing to minimise surface reactions with sulphurs.

Within the ISO 17025 accreditation scope, the Nalophan® is tested according to No. 6.3.2 of the European Norm EN 13725 as well as according to No. 4.3.1 of the German guideline VDI 3880 and is released as norm-compliant material for the sampling of odours.

The analysis results are traceable to the olfactometric measurement method according to EN 13725.

Olfasense is also reseller of Tedlar and Kynar® PVDF sampling bags. Contact us to select the right bag for your application.

Nalophan gas sampling bags


  • Made from Nalophan®
  • Ready-to-use sample bags for dynamic olfactometry
  • Odour- and leak-tested according to ISO 17025
  • Custom sizes available on request

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