SET 9: Panel training on odour intensity with isovaleric acid

For odour evaluation, it is best to have homogenous and representative panel. Therefore, Olfasense has developed an odour intensity test using sniffing sticks.

It can be used for panel training e.g., in the body care, textile, or home care industry, to identify different odour intensity levels of isovaleric acid (sweat smell).

It contains 6 sniffing sticks with different odour intensity levels and one solvent reference stick.

With this sniffing sticks set, you have different options for performance tests to check the ability of your panellists to judge the correct intensity levels for unknown concentrations of isovaleric acid.

Sniffing sticks - odour intensity with isovaleric acid

General Instructions

This set of sniffing sticks consists of

  • 7 sniffing sticks (6 different intensities and 1 reference stick containing the used solvent)
  • 1 eye mask to blindfold the panellist during the test
  • test instructions

The stability of the sticks is 6 months. Very regular use of the sticks might reduce the time of usability.


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