SET 1: Panel selection (ISO12219-7:2017, annex G)

For odour panels, it is important to have panelists with a normal olfactory function. This set of sniffing sticks is made for panel selection using 5 standard odorants in accordance with ISO 12219-7:2017, annex G.

Odour character
faecal, pigsty
3-Methylbutyric acid (Isovaleric acid)
rose, flowery
Methyl cyclophentenolone
spicy, "Maggi", burnt

In addition to the listed odorants, the set also contains an odour-free reference stick.

SET 1: Panel selection (ISO12219-7:2017, annex G)

General Instructions

This set of sniffing sticks consists of

  • 6 sniffing sticks
  • 1 eye mask to blindfold the panelist during the test
  • detailed test instructions

The stability of the sticks is 6 months. A very regular use of the sticks might reduce the time of usability.


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