SET 3: Panel training on odour intensity

For odour evaluation it is best to have homogenous and representative panel. Therefore, Olfasense has developed an odour intensity test using sniffing sticks.

For odour intensity evaluation the idea is that panelists are trained to detect different concentrations and the corresponding intensity levels.

The ability of each panelist to judge the correct intensity levels for unknown concentrations will be checked in a performance test.

For the intensity training 6 different sniffing sticks are provided.

SET 3: Panel training on odour intensity

General Instructions

This set of sniffing sticks consists of

  • 6 sniffing sticks
  • 1 eye mask to blindfold the panelist during the test
  • detailed test instructions

The stability of the sticks is 6 months. A very regular use of the sticks might reduce the time of usability.

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