Olfasense develops EKV pre-dilution device for VOC emission test chambers

EKV - Pre-dilution device for VOC emission test chambers (3)

The recently launched EKV pre-dilution device for VOC emission test chambers combines sampling and pre-dilution of air samples according to ISO 12219-7 and BMW GS 97014-4, increasing your efficiency in everyday laboratory work.

The EKV is a dilution system operated by compressed air with a gas jet pump (Venturi nozzle) for the active suction and dilution of air samples at the sample connection of an emissions test chamber.

The fixed and calibrated dilution ratio (default settings on delivery 1:4 (1+3), including a proprietary calibration certificate in accordance with ISO 17025) actively transfers the diluted sample air into a sample bag with the highest accuracy.

The system consists of an air supply panel and a pump head, which can be mounted with a Swagelok screw connection on the sample connections of the emission test chamber (e.g. Olfasense EK250A or EK1000).

The air supply panel has magnetic feet and can be installed on a desk or on a wall of the emission test chamber.

Find out more on the product page of the EKV pre-dilution device for VOC emission test chambers and get in contact with our senior sales manager Marc Andresen via sales@olfasense.com or +49 431 220 120 if you have any further questions.


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