Olfasense and Meteosim join forces to provide advanced observation intelligence and impact modelling in Ortelium

Olfasense is excited to announce a strategic alliance with Meteosim (www.meteosim.com), a technological consulting company specialised in highly-reliable meteorological and environmental services using most advanced numerical modelling tools.

By consolidating their respective know-how and expertise, our two companies will provide clients with advanced observation intelligence and impact modelling capabilities via our environmental data intelligence platform Ortelium.

Back trajectory analysis for efficient complaint investigation

Already today, Ortelium has earned itself an excellent and ever-increasing reputation as odour complaint management tool. Meteosim brings in advanced real-time backtracking capabilities to instantly analyse the pathway of complaints and other observations to locate the potential source of unpleasant odours by means of meteorological simulation and reverse trajectory modelling.

Reverse trajectories can be displayed on the map and animated through the unique Ortelium timeline to understand complaint situations and the underlying meteorological and geographic influences better and faster, to prevent incidents related to odour in the future.

With this option, operators can also provide evidence if their operations were not responsible for specific complaints, which is helpful especially in areas with a diversity of potential complaint sources. This allows operators to use resources only on justified complaints and to avoid misallocation of people, money and time.

Advanced dispersion modelling tools for cutting-edge impact modelling

Ortelium provides a set of dispersion modelling tools to calculate the current odour impact of industrial plants in real-time, analyse past odour incidents and even forecast potential odour impacts based on weather forecast data and process schedules.

So far, Ortelium has come with a conventional GAUSSIAN dispersion model. Through the Meteosim partnership, we are now also able to integrate more advanced dispersion modelling tools, such as, but not limited to CALPUFF, HYSPLIT and WRF models.

No matter which model you prefer, in Ortelium you can manage multiple odour sources, processes, as well as points or areas of special interest for your data monitoring. This provides you instant information on odour-critical operation times, allowing you to proactively initiate appropriate actions to avoid potential incidents.

If you are unsure about which model is the most appropriate model for your use case, our modelling experts will be happy to advise you on best modelling approach depending on the project needs and site characteristics.

Forward trajectory to predict pathways of unpleasant odours

Looking ahead, Ortelium will also be able to integrate Forward Trajectory Calculations offered by Meteosim, providing instant information on the path which a particular gas or air particle emitted by a known source will take.

Particularly in incident situations that have the potential to cause unpleasant odours, this gives operators the opportunity to proactively issue warnings to the affected neighbours.

But also in the case of discontinuous processes (e.g. maintenance work or other unusual operational activities), forward trajectory calculations allow you to find the best window of opportunity to schedule these processes in a period where meteorological conditions are not causing unfavourable dispersion.

Expanding Ortelium footprint in Spanish speaking markets

Besides joining technological forces, Meteosim will also become exclusive Ortelium sales partner in the territories of Spain and Colombia to boost availability of advanced observation intelligence and impact modelling capabilities in markets where the need for smart environmental monitoring solutions is rapidly evolving.

If you want to learn more about Ortelium, Olfasense and Meteosim, please get in touch with our team via contact@ortelium.com.


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