Inco Ambiental becomes exclusive Olfasense sales partner in Colombia

We are glad to announce that Inco Ambiental Ltda becomes our new exclusive distributor in the Colombian market for Olfasense’s vast portfolio of odour measurement equipment and software technology.

Inco Ambiental, headquartered in Cali, is a leading environmental consultancy in Colombia with over 30 years experience in public and industrial sectors such as food processing, chemicals, asphalt, breweries and healthcare, among others.

Inco Ambiental has also been the first accredited laboratory in Colombia for odour sampling according to the Colombian standard on olfactometry NTC 5880.

We are convinced that this sales partnership will lead to a stronger presence to meet the increasing demand for odour measurement equipment in the Latin American market.

If you would like to know more about this partnership, please contact:

Marc Andresen (


    For a direct quotation, please send us your billing and delivery address, as well as your VAT ID number. For a customised offer, briefly describe your application.

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