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From Odour Data to Odour Knowledge

At Olfasense, we develop and manufacture odour measurement instruments and technologies. We also measure the odours of your products, materials and industrial plants. As a one-stop shop. From user to user. Across the world. With more than 30 years of experience.

This is our global, corporate website. Via the following links you can directly access the information about our teams in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain.


Olfasense odour testing – Working with the best noses in the business

We provide independent, cross-sectoral solutions. Our services and technologies are innovative and targeted. Whether as accredited consultants and odour experts or as competent service providers and odour laboratory equipment suppliers: with dedication and expertise, we combine technical know-how with cross-sectoral user expertise and help you to measure odours correctly

  • for successful product development
  • for better and more sustainable air quality
  • for obtaining your accreditation or reaccreditation
  • for reliable measurement results
  • for ensuring your quality and competitiveness

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Our key activities

Product & material odour testing and optimisation

The way in which an odour is perceived can play a decisive role in the decision to buy, and hence in determining the commercial success of a product. In some cases, a product’s ability to enhance or reduce odours can provide a unique selling point. In others, the presence of unwanted odours can adversely impact the product’s attractiveness.

With the help of odour measurement and odour assessment services, as well as odour certification of products, materials and VOCs, we help you to optimise your products and ensure product quality.

Using sensory and molecular analyses, we find out how a product is perceived in terms of its odour. Selected panelists as well as customised measurement techniques and test designs ensure high-quality measurement results. Highly effective products receive the Olfasense ‘odour quality seal’.

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environmental odour testing

Environmental odour analysis, assessment & control

Olfasense offers a full range of sensory and molecular odour analysis services to identify, measure and forecast environmental odours, assess odour impact, and help you define robust odour control solutions.

All of our services are offered in-house and we operate accredited odour sampling teams and olfactometry laboratories. Our highly experienced consultants are experts in odour control techniques and technologies and are highly skilled in the application of odour survey methods including odour dispersion modelling.

We typically work on behalf of industrial or agricultural facilities who are required to control odorous emissions as part of their planning or regulatory permits. We also work for regulators and provide advice to support municipalities and governments to develop odour policy. As pioneers in the digitalisation of odour measurements in the environmental sector, we also facilitate your procedures relating to odour management and complaints.

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odour testing equipment

Equipment and technologies for odour measurements

Whether olfactometers, sampling equipment, VOC emission test chambers, software and much more: Olfasense provides you with all the equipment and technology you need to reliably measure odours. For laboratories and environmental measurements. Individually or as a complete solution. Right up to the training of your team. Worldwide.

Over 400 laboratories, research institutes, universities and companies work with our solutions. Our olfactometer is the world’s most frequently used measuring instrument for odour measurement. You too can benefit from reliable measuring technology, robust measuring instruments and sophisticated software coupled with unique service and support!

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odour testing proficiency test

Interlaboratory comparisons for quality assurance

How good is your laboratory? Prove to your customers that the test results of your odour laboratory are sound and usable. By participating in Olfasense interlaboratory comparisons, you credibly and sustainably ensure the quality and competitiveness of your odour laboratory as well as the trust of your customers.

As an accredited provider of interlaboratory comparisons based on EN 13725 and VDA 270, we regularly offer worldwide, publicly accessible comparisons as well as laboratory-specific interlaboratory comparisons (e.g. VOC). Our interlaboratory comparisons are suitable for proving that the quality of your laboratory is ready for accreditation.

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Success stories

Our nose has always had the competitive edge! Our extensive experience includes a portfolio of over 6500 projects for hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, from small family-run businesses to major multinationals, and more than 400 equipped laboratories in over 65 countries.

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