Björn Maxeiner

Björn is head of the business division for sensory evaluation in Product & Material Testing and deputy head of the business division for the organization of proficiency tests in the field of odours and VOCs.

Director - Olfasense GmbH; Head of P&M Testing; Deputy Head of Proficiency Testing


  • Deep knowledge in odour assessment study
  • Innovation of methods, applications and products
  • Target driven individual test design development
  • Planning, organisation, execution and statistical analysis of proficiency tests
  • Innovation and business development


  • English
  • German

Working Groups

Working Group
Olfasense Expert Involved
since 2021
ISO/TC 193/WG 5 Natural gas – Odorization
Standardization of terminology, quality specifications, methods of measurement, sampling, analysis, and testing of odour-related topics for: natural gas, natural gas substitutes, mixtures of natural gas with gaseous fuels and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Olfasense is member with guest status.
  • Björn Maxeiner
since 2012
VDI 4221

Quality assurance – Requirements on interlaboratory tests in immission control -Requirements on providers of interlaboratory tests

  • Bettina Mannebeck
  • Björn Maxeiner
since 2008
VDI 4302

Sensory testing of indoor air and determination of odour emissions from building products

  • Björn Maxeiner
since 2008
mirror committee to ISO/TC 146/SC 6/WG 14

Determination of odour emissions from building products using test chambers (ISO 16000-28 and ISO 16000-30)

  • Björn Maxeiner

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