Olfasense TO evolution series olfactometers to replace old TO-series

17 years after market launch, Olfasense will discontinue to deliver olfactometers of the old TO-series, including TO8, TO8s, TO8-8 and TO9 olfactometers. Calibration and reparation services for devices of the TO-series will be continued until December 2029.

With this decision Olfasense intends to focus production capacities on the next generation of olfactometers, the TO evolution series.

In 2015, the first TO evolution stationary olfactometer was launched, the most sophisticated 4 or 6-station laboratory olfactometer in the world. With the WiNose Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) developed specifically for odour laboratories, the TO evolution stationary olfactometer set new benchmarks in the field of olfactometry.

TO evolution olfactometer
TO evolution 6-station olfactometer

More than 30 TO evolution stationary olfactometers in the market demonstrate that the TO evolution operates to the highest quality standards.

With the launch of the new TO8 evolution olfactometer (Y/N, T-F-C method) and the TO9 evolution olfactometer (Y/N, D-F-C, T-F-C method), Olfasense is now combining the technology and advantages of the TO evolution stationary olfactometers with the compact size and transportability of a mobile laboratory. 

The TO8 evolution and TO9 evolution olfactometers can be used equally as a home-based laboratory, as well as for measurements directly on site to reduce sample storage time to a minimum. 

A mobile laboratory on-site allows you to fulfil all the requirements of EN 13725:2003 as well as ISO 17025:2018, while

  • minimizing the risk of exceeding the allowed sample storage time
  • minimizing the risk of damaged sample bags and cross-contamination during transport
  • increasing the level of flexibility, e.g. to immediately take additional samples or to repeat measurements if needed
  • allowing for quicker reporting to clients, as measurement results are available in real-time
  • longer-distance projects can be carried out

Further to being  small, compact, but also robust, the TO8 evolution and TO9 evolution olfactometers are based on the proven principle of combining gas jet pumps and fixed sapphire orifices. Other technological advances in the hardware include:

  • 28 dilution steps from 1: 3.5 to 1: 65,000 (TO8 evolution) and 1:7 to 1:130,000 (TO9 evolution)
  • Selectable step factor 1.4 or 2
  • Back-flush function for optimum cleaning of the dilution system
  • Integrated heating for cleaning in case of contamination
  • Raspberry Pi 7″ capacitive panelist touchscreens for improved human-to-machine interaction
  • Optimized ergonomics through nose masks that are adjustable in height and angle
  • Very quiet at 40 to 50 dB

What’s more,the provided WiNose LIMS ensures best quality at all odour measurement sites, by supporting you in fulfilling essential quality management and quality control procedures in your day-to-day lab operation and audit preparation.

Key benefits of the WiNose LIMS include:

  • Improved data quality through avoidance of transcription errors and media breaks
  • Improved data security through role-based user management with access control
  • Improved data access through simultaneous availability of the system
  • Increased efficiency by managing samples, projects and results, equipment, panel and laboratory data in a centralized system
  • Full traceability across all QM relevant data
  • Full traceability of all changes made to the system through a detailed change history
  • Operating multiple olfactometers with a centralized LIMS ensures data availability and consistency when measuring on-site

Find out more about the specifications and the benefits of the TO evolution stationary olfactometer, the TO8 evolution olfactometer and the TO9 evolution olfactometer on our dedicated product pages. 

If you would like to know more about the advantages of odour testing with the TO evolution series olfactometers, or would like to experience the systems in a live presentation, please contact Marc Andresen, mandresen@olfasense.com.

By the way, we are happy to offer you a redemption premium of 5.000,00€ net for your old TO-series olfactometer on the purchase of a new olfactometer of the TO evolution series until end of June 2020.


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