Visit at the inspiring RiechArt

RiechArt - special event around the world of smelling

Our German Olfasense team recently visited a special event, the RiechArt (“Smell Art”), and was excited about the diverse possibilities and inspiring content around the world of smelling.

Organised in the beautiful Spa Gardens Malente, the event offered a special opportunity to actively experience the 5th sense. With a variety of open-air hands-on art stations, knowledge boards and scent flowerbeds, there was a wealth of interactive olfactory encounters that delighted even our experienced Olfasense noses.

We appreciate the excellent way in which the organisers of RiechArt were able to raise awareness of the sense of smell among visitors and highlight the importance of smelling in our daily lives, while at the same time providing information about the scientific aspects of smelling. Many thanks for this!


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