New Olfasense sniffing sticks set – Odour intensity with oxidised polypropylene

Sniffing sticks odour intensity oxidised polypropylene

There is a new Olfasense sniffing sticks set to identify different odour intensity levels of oxidised polypropylene, which has a typical burnt, waxy odour.

Areas of application can be found in the automotive and building materials industries, as well as for quality control of (food) packaging materials, toys, and home care products, among other consumer goods.

The set offers different options for performance tests, supporting you on your way to having a homogenous and representative odour panel.

Find out more about SET 10: Odour intensity with oxidised polypropylene

Olfasense has expanded its range of sniffing sticks sets since we began offering them first in 2018. What started with 3 available sets has grown to 10 sets and the option to create own, customised sets.

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So, if you need a targeted sniffing sticks set or an intensity set with another compound, please get in touch with our teams. You can choose from more than 150 available compounds and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.


    For a direct quotation, please send us your billing and delivery address, as well as your VAT ID number. For a customised offer, briefly describe your application.

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