Currently longer lead times for olfactometer calibrations

Olfasense EN 13725 Olfactometer Calibrations

If you are planning to have your olfactometer calibrated this year, please be prepared for longer lead times.

A calibration is a check of the dilution settings of the olfactometer. Calibrations are a requirement of the EN 13725 with a mandatory frequency of at least once a year. During the calibration procedure at Olfasense, the individual dilution settings are checked with an FID using propane in nitrogen as a CRM to determine whether the accuracy and instability requirements of EN 13725 are met. If this is not the case, the settings are readjusted by our calibration team. Furthermore, the calibration service at Olfasense also includes maintenance and cleaning of the dilution system.

So where do the long lead times for current calibrations come from?

Normally, we have 3 time slots per week for simple calibrations.

Since the new EN 13725:2022 came into force, our calibration laboratory also receives many requests for passivations (read more about this topic in our earlier post:

Passivations take much longer than a simple calibration, resulting in only 2 calibration time slots per week.

Due to the high number of passivation requests in recent months, we currently have a lead time of 15 to 16 weeks.

So, if you are planning to have your olfactometer calibrated this year, make sure to secure a time slot in our calibration calendar as early as possible.

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