Successful participation in EN 13725 proficiency test

Odour Stack Emission Proficiency Test

Olfasense GmbH participated in the latest odour emission proficiency test, including sampling at the emission simulation apparatus (ESA), organised by the Hessian State Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG) and safely passed with z-score values <2 for all four components.

Within the scope of the odour emission proficiency test, odour concentration analysis had to be carried out according to EN 13725 and the flow conditions of the flue gas had to be measured according to EN 15259.

The proficiency test included the following components:

  • n-butanol
  • three further substances or defined substance mixtures, namely organic solvent mixture (ETX), tetrahydrothiophene (THT) and artificial pigsty mixture
  • gas flow conditions (flow velocity, temperature, water vapour concentration, static pressure, volume flow)

Also in the evaluation of the voluntary additional measurements of skatol, Olfasense GmbH achieved z-score values <2.

After sampling at the emission simulation apparatus (ESA), the odour samples were evaluated with our TO9 evolution olfactometer in our mobile laboratory directly on-site in Kassel.

We are very pleased about our successful participation and would like to thank our colleagues Janina Kepp and Holger Horn-Angsmann as well as the measurement team for their focused and excellent performance.

Regular successful participation in these proficiency tests is a prerequisite for maintaining a notification according to the German Federal Immission Control Act (§29b BImSchG).

Nevertheless, other interested measuring institutes are welcome to participate in HLNUG’s stack emission proficiency tests, too.

In addition to Olfasense GmbH, Olfasense B.V. from Amsterdam also regularly participates successfully in the odour stack emission proficiency test of the HLNUG in order to verify the quality of their emission measurements.

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