Olfasense and CTS launch 1 m3 VOC emission test chamber EK1000

VOC emission test chamber

We are proud to announce the launch of our 1 m³ VOC emission test chamber EK1000, which allows for highly accurate and affordable VOC chamber testing in the automotive industry, and which is fully compliant with the requirements of common European and international, as well as specific manufacturer standards, including:

  • ISO 12219-4
  • VDA 276 
  • GS97014-3 BMW Method 
  • PN 780 Porsche Method 
  • VCS 1027, 2769 Volvo Method 
  • PV 3942 Volkswagen Method 

The chamber is optionally available with a SHED function for testing according to GS-97014-2, as well as a fogging device according to VDA 276 and VCS 1027, 2769 (Volvo method), and a nose mask also according to VCS 1027, 2769.

The chamber has been developed as a joint venture with the company CTS, one of the leading specialists in the field of environmental simulation. Their innovative and technically high-quality products are delivered to the most renowned industrial companies worldwide, with more than 12,000 devices sold in Germany and abroad. Major client segments include the automotive industry and its suppliers, as well as test laboratories.

By consolidating their respective know-how and expertise, our two companies have developed the EK1000 VOC emission test chamber, providing clients a technically and economically optimized test system to characterize emissions of volatile organic compounds under precise test conditions.

Key facts

  • Precise compliance with all method and measurement parameters
  • Minimized adhesion
  • Rotor with drive via non-contact magnetic coupling and emission-free ceramic bearings (speed adjustable)
  • Data logger software for setting, control and monitoring of all parameters:
  • 4 heated sampling ports, for a broad analytical performance spectrum
  • Easy to maintain, plug-and-play humidity control unit

Download the EK1000 product brochure

Our experts Björn Maxeiner and Marc Andresen are looking forward to answering questions regarding the chamber at our stand at the conference Odour & Emissions of Plastic Materials taking place in Kassel during 3 and 4 March. If you cannot join, please feel free to send an email via sales@olfasense.com to know more about the advantages of our expanded VOC emission test chamber portfolio.


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