Olfasense laboratories demonstrate competence in odour concentration analysis according to EN 13725

We are proud to announce that our accredited Olfasense laboratories in Germany and the Netherlands complied with the requirements of EN 13725 in the 2016 proficiency test for olfactometry.

In addition to our stationary laboratories, it is particularly worth mentioning that we passed the proficiency test for olfactometry 2016 also with our mobile laboratory TO8s for international odour projects.

This underlines our commitment of delivering specialist odour evaluation services even in countries where there isn’t an Olfasense office in accordance with exactly the same quality standards as we observe in our accredited in-house laboratories.

In the EN 13725 interlaboratory comparison, the criteria for precision under repeatability conditions r and accuracy A were tested on 10 unknown samples of n-butanol, with the Olfasense laboratories achieving exceptionally good results.

Of all 36 participating laboratories, 21 complied with the performance requirements of the EN 13725 standard.

Olfasense is very pleased with the excellent performance of its laboratories and congratulates the olfactometry teams!


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