TO8-8 olfactometer

Using the TO8-8 olfactometer, it is possible to work with eight panel members – which produces even more accurate measurement results and a higher statistical accuracy of the odour concentration of a sample.

This olfactometer meets all requirements of a dilution device for olfactometric measurements according to EN 13725.

The whole measurement programme is computer-controlled and runs automatically. It includes several measurement sequences, recovery breaks for panel members and clean air flushing functions for the dilution unit.

TO8-8 olfactometer


  • Yes/No method according to EN 13725
  • No intensity and hedonic tone measurement
  • Up to eight panel members can work simultaneously
  • Laboratory use for studies with high number of panel members, and higher statistical values


The TO8-8 olfactometer is fully compliant with the following standards:

  • EN 13725
  • AS 4323.3
  • NCh 3190
  • NVN 2820
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