TO evolution olfactometer

The 6-station TO evolution stationary olfactometer combines the latest scientific and technological advances with decades of practical experience – enabling us to set new benchmarks in the field of olfactometry.

The TO evolution olfactometer allows for easy setup and is simple to maintain due to its new modular design. You can be assured of the reliability of our well-known robust equipment, manufactured in-house in Germany. The heart of the TO evolution olfactometer is the ultra-modern and purpose-designed dilution system, which is based on the proven principle of combining gas jet pumps and fixed sapphire orifices.

The TO evolution software package provides an olfactometer control software to support your laboratory in delivering odour measurements at the highest quality; as well as a state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of odour laboratories.


Supported methods

  • Yes / No (EN 13725)
  • Dual Forced Choice (EN 13725)
  • Triangular Forced Choice (ASTM 679)
  • Intensity (VDI 3882 Part1)
  • Hedonic Tone (VDI 3882 Part2)
  • Forced Choice / Hedonic Tone (NVN 2818)
  • Forced Choice / Intensity
  • Triangular odor bag method – GB/T 14675 – 93


    • Available with six panellist stations
    • Unique and specially designed dilution system
    • Fully automatic, 100 % compliant to EN 13725:2022
    • Analytical recovery of odorants from 85% up to 99% due to passivated stainless steel
    • Easy to set up and simple to maintain
    • Fastest analysing time
    • Integrated heating system and extensive flushing functions to prevent contamination
    • Dedicated laboratory information management system (LIMS) for odour laboratories; fully traceable
    • Ergonomically designed with optimized human-to-machine interface


    Technical Data

    General Details
    Olfasense GmbH, Germany
    Dimension (L x W x H) - Weight
    1965 x 900 x 550 mm – 57.5 kg
    Maximum calibration interval
    12 months (according to EN 13725)
    24 months (warranty extension up to 5 years through service contracts possible)
    Technical Specifications
    Dilution principle
    Gas jet pumps and calibrated precision orifices for sample dosage
    Vent for surplus diluted odour
    Outlet air via active carbon filter
    Number of panel members working simultaneously
    1 to 6
    Analyses time for one sample (EN 13725)
    5 min ( with 4 or 6 panel members working simultaneously)
    Dilution range
    2² (1:4) - 216 (1:65,536) – yes/no method
    2³ ( 1:8) - 217 (1:131,058) – dual-forced choice method
    2² (1:4) - 216 (1:65,536) - triangular forced-choice method
    Interval steps
    Factor √2 (1.4) - 28 dilution steps
    Factor 2 - 16 dilution steps
    Dilution accuracy
    < 5%
    Response / setting time
    < 0.1 sec
    Analyitcal recovery of odorants
    - Dimethyl sulphide
    - n-Butanol
    - H2S
    - Propanoic acid
    85% up to 99%

    (EN 13725:2022 requires > 70%)
    Required sample volume
    ~ 500 OU/m³ - 1l (yes/no), 3.5l (d-f-c) *
    ~ 64 OU/m³ - 3l (yes/no), 14.5l (d-f-c) *
    < 16 OU/m³ - 10l (yes/no), 54l (d-f-c) *

    *(estimation with default settings)

    WiNose LIMS - Your new odour laboratory management assistant

    The TO evolution software package provides a dedicated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for odour labs which supports your laboratory in the process of delivering odour measurements of the highest quality.

    Quality management and quality control is essential for any olfactometry lab.

    The WiNose evolution LIMS supports you in managing and controlling the quality of your measurements by providing many useful laboratory management tools.

    From qualifying your panel and keeping track of your lab performance, to managing reference gases, projects, and clients, the WiNose evolution LIMS offers various options to support your day-to-day laboratory processes.

    Full traceability of changes made to the LIMS database allows for stress-free audits with accreditation bodies.

    Download the brochure below to learn more about the functionalities and benefits of the WiNose evolution LIMS.

    Improve your data availability
    through web-based access within your network
    Improve your data quality
    through reduced transcription errors
    Save valuable time in lab operation and management
    through centralized management and dedicated tools for quality management and reporting
    Find data quickly
    with our advanced full-text search options
    Reduce the effort
    of accreditation audit preparation
    Increase efficiency
    through centralized user access via a web-interface

    TO evolution control software

    The TO evolution software package comes also with an olfactometer control software to support your laboratory in delivering odour measurements at the highest quality.

    The TO evolution control software supports all relevant standards such as EN 13725:2022, AS 4323.1, ASTM 679, VDI 3882 Part 1 & Part 2. With its modern look and feel, and user-friendly interface, the TO evolution software ensures fast and reliable measurements without overloading the user with operational information. Regardless of the level of experience of your operators, from the novice through to the highly experienced, the TO evolution software can give them the guidance and visual assistance that is needed to ensure measurements at the highest quality.

    • Improved usability for operators through a state-of-the-art user interface
    • Extended checkup features and test routines
    • Real-time acquisition of data
    • Integrated WiNose evolution LIMS interface ensures all results are instantly available in the LIMS and accessible to the users
    • Direct transmission of results to the WiNose evolution LIMS reduces the steps in producing documentation and avoids error-prone manual copying & pasting of data
    • Keep the software up to date with the automated update mechanism (requires an active internet connection)

    Olfactometer Software 6 Station Olfactometer Dual Forced Choice TO9

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