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We routinely assist our clients with a number of our services to supplement any of our environmental odour studies.

odour measurement worldwide

International odour projects

Global odour knowledge in a local context

Olfasense is everywhere! We can deliver cutting-edge odour consultancy and assessment services worldwide, thanks to our mobile odour laboratory and special team of experienced senior field technicians and odour consultants.

Our global projects team has particular experience in the logistical and cultural aspects of worldwide service delivery – so wherever your project is located, we can handle it.

odour expert witness

Expert witness

Call in the odour experts

Looking for professional support in legal proceedings related to odour?

Skilled in gathering and preparing evidence, reviewing third-party expert reports, and advising clients and their legal representatives on a wide range of matters, our expert witness will help ensure that legal proceedings go smoothly.

odour training

Applied odour training

Specialist training in environmental odour management

If you need to be on top form in any aspect of odour assessment and control, you’ll want Olfasense’s specialist expertise at your fingertips.

By investing in one of our bespoke odour training courses, you’ll not only have the opportunity to learn from the experts, but you’ll also get invaluable, tailored advice.

With a range of group and individual odour training packages, we cater for staff in both industrial and regulatory roles.

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