Research article on evaluation of odour annoyance and reduction of odour exposure in indoor spaces

Indoor Odour Study

We are pleased to announce that our odour expert, Laura Brosig, has contributed to a recent research article entitled „The German approach to evaluate complaints about odour annoyance in indoor environments“, which will be published in Indoor Environment, an international multidisciplinary research journal dedicated to indoor environmental sciences.

The comprehensive study, co-authored by a distinguished team of indoor air experts, presents a structured procedure to utilize analytical evidence in addressing complaints related to indoor odour annoyance.

Key highlights of the publication include the introduction of odour guide values (OGV) for various odour-relevant indoor air substances and recommendations for measures to mitigate odour exposure in indoor environments.

You can check out the research article via the following button.

„The German approach to evaluate complaints about odour annoyance in indoor environments“

At Olfasense, we are committed to helping clients develop and optimize low-emission products used in indoor environments using a combination of sensory and molecular odour evaluation methodologies. If you would like to learn more about our indoor odour measurements, please email us via


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