Olfasense odour testing campaign for Tata Steel in the Netherlands 

Olfasense odour testing campaign for Tata Steel in the Netherlands 

Our Dutch colleagues have been involved in an odour testing campaign for Tata Steel in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s largest steel producers.

The production and processing of steel can cause unpleasant odour emissions. Tata Steel Netherlands is therefore carrying out a major odour reduction programme, including odour testing by Olfasense B.V..

Tata Steel Netherlands is also committed to involving the local community in the process through transparent communication. A good example of this is the following interview (in Dutch), which provides information about the work done by Olfasense and the odour reduction measures taken. This includes a filter system that has also been tested by Olfasense B.V..

You can read the interview on https://www.tatasteelnederland.com/nieuws/is-de-tijd-van-zure-luchtjes-voorbij/.

We are very pleased that our work is helping Tata to improve the odour situation. On https://www.tatasteelnederland.com/en/Environment-and-living-environment/Odour the company also informs about all its odour reduction measures.

If you would also like to benefit from our know-how as accredited odour measurement provider and renowned odour experts, get in touch with our environmental odour experts via envi@olfasense.com.


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