Higher technical training course (post-HBO) on odour assessment

Odour Assessment Course Anouk 2023

The PAO Techniek en Management (PAOTM), a non-profit organisation offering post-academic education in various technical fields, is planning to organize a course on air pollution starting in early 2023.

Registration is still open, so be quick to enroll yourself.

Our odour expert and director of Olfasense B.V., Anouk Snik – van den Burg will be a co-lecturer of this annual course.

It comprises 5 different modules on air pollution, air quality, and deposition, and it is organised as a higher technical training course (post-HBO) for people working in this field.

Anouk is an expert in environmental odour consultancy as well as laboratory quality management, and participants will benefit from her knowledge around questions such as

  • How are odour assessments performed?
  • What standards are used? (with a focus NTA 9065, the Dutch standard on odour measurements and assessments)
  • How do you set up a measurement plan?
  • How are these measurements and odour analyses performed?
  • How do you interpret the results, including dispersion modelling?

Anouk’s session will also include a practical part on the operation of equipment used in odour laboratories, including sniffing sticks. A case study will illustrate how the gained knowledge can be applied.

Furthermore, there will be two additional modules on odour given by Hugo van Belois, who will provide insights into odour regulations and odour nuisance.

More information on the course can be found at https://paotm.nl/nl/cursus/luchtverontreiniging-luchtkwaliteit-en-depositie/


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