Olfasense opens cutting-edge GC laboratory in Kiel, Germany

Olfasense is excited to announce the set-up of a new laboratory for molecular odour evaluation in Kiel, containing the latest in cutting-edge technologies for GC-MS and GC-sniffing services.

Having all expertise, equipment and testing capabilities under one roof will further strengthen the position of Olfasense as the global supplier of choice for industry-leading odour testing services to assess and solve environmental odour problems and to evaluate commercial products and materials.

This development is significant as Olfasense received increasing requests from clients around the world for molecular odour testing, throughout the last two years.

“The new lab offers greater capacity and higher levels of performance than previously, meeting the growing demands of the market. Apart from that, we are looking forward to continuing doing what we are known for: providing great value services that meet our client’s expectations time after time, delivery after delivery.”  said Björn Maxeiner, General Manager at Olfasense GmbH.

The service portfolio offered through the new GC laboratory includes:

  • GC-MS, to qualitatively and quantitatively characterise an odour in terms of specific VOCs, e.g. to make a connection to the odour threshold
  • GC-Sniffing, which allows for the characterisation of an odour in terms of specific VOCs with simultaneous assessment of the odour character of each individual compound.
  • GC-IMS, an innovative, quick, direct headspace technology, which allows the detection of various substances within a few minutes, and to analyse the evolution of VOC profiles over time

The new molecular laboratory will be headed by a highly experienced management team of  PhD scientists who specialise in sensory and molecular odour matters.

Nathalie Nibbe, Olfasense odour expert and senior consultant in the department of product and material testing since 2010, will team up with Luciano Vera, a specialist in odour chemistry who joined Olfasense in early 2018.

Bringing 12+ years hands-on experience in developing and carrying out molecular odour testing methods, especially GC-Sniffing, but also GC-MS and GC-IMS, Luciano has been involved in the establishment and development of the new laboratory right from the start.

The analytical equipment consists of a state-of-the-art GC-Sniffing-MS/FID instrument coupled with the most sensitive techniques for VOC analysis: thermal desorption and headspace analysis. This multifunctional characteristic allows Olfasense to develop customised solutions and to find the most suitable method, also for complex samples.

To meet the stringent requirements of these sophisticated methodologies and to guarantee the best possible results, our specialists have set up a dedicated pool of selected and trained GC-Sniffing panellists.

Get in touch with our team today, to find out more about the offered services:

Dr. Nathalie Nibbe                Dr. Luciano Vera
nnibbe@olfasense.com       lvera@olfasense.com


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