Nick Jones

Nick Jones is managing director of Olfasense UK Ltd (formerly Odournet UK Ltd) and an internationally recognised expert in odour assessment and control. Nick has over twenty years of specialist experience, including the delivery of several hundred projects for a wide range of clients in the public, wastewater, waste, food, agricultural, and industrial sectors. He has also conducted research and provided advice on odour assessment and control to a wide range of public and private organisations that include the UK Environment Agency, UK Government, Irish Environmental protection Agency, UK Water, and the composting/waste sector. He is an experienced expert witness and has represented private and public clients at planning inquiries, civil/criminal legal cases and arbitration/mediation proceedings. He currently represents the British Standards Institute (BSI) within a number of European working groups developing odour related standards. 

Managing director - Olfasense UK Ltd; International odour expert & expert witness

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