Case study on heritage smell preservation of a historic vehicle published

Odeuropa Case Study

In early 2023, the Olfasense team hosted a special guest in their laboratories. Dr Cecilia Bembibre conducted some research as part of an Odeuropa collaboration, which has now led to the publication of an interesting case study.

At the time, Cecilia and her research team used Olfasense’s GC sniffing facilities, under the guidance of Olfasense experts in molecular odour identification, to investigate the interior odour of a 1973 Land Rover used by Queen Elizabeth II.

You can read the news from that occasion at: Special Odeuropa visit in the Olfasense laboratories

The case study focused on the preservation of the culturally significant odour of Queen Elizabeth II’s personal car, the Rover P5B, which is on display at the British Motor Museum. The project resulted in the successful reconstruction of the car’s interior odour and demonstrated new ways of digitising and communicating olfactory heritage.

As a delightful side result, the team produced car fresheners scented with the Royal Car P5B aroma, which serve as tangible artefacts to preserve the olfactory heritage of the historic vehicle.

You can read the full case study at: Royal Car P5B: A case study on heritage smell preservation

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