Odour reduction studies at Olfasense UK

Olfasense odour quality seal with a combined permanent quality assurance

Olfasense’s UK materials testing teams have had a busy year so far with a variety of projects aimed at evaluating the odour reduction properties of consumer products and investigating their sensory characteristics.

This includes low odour roofing sealants, room air purifiers, cosmetic ingredients, latex products, personal hygiene products, and deodorising additives.

Once our Olfasense experts confirm unique or particular olfactory properties of your products, they can receive the Olfasense odour quality seal.

This project work demonstrates how we add value to our client base and help to develop innovative new commercial products.

We have also continued to develop our library of synthetic malodour recipes to support these studies. For further details, contact Dr Andrew Meacham (ameacham@olfasense.com).


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