TO-series olfactometers ready for revised European standard for olfactometry EN 13725:2022


Olfasense would like to inform you that the first national standardisation bodies like Sweden, Italy, and the UK have published the revised European standard for olfactometry EN 13725:2022. Other countries will follow shortly.

A long process has now been completed with decisive changes for applications in olfactometry. These include, for instance, coating/passivation of sample-carrying components in the olfactometer. We are ready to explain the essential changes to you in a personal chat. Feel free to connect with our senior sales manager Marc Andresen (+49 431 220 12 14) or send us an email via

Olfasense would also like to express our appreciation to our odour experts, including Bettina Mannebeck, Dietmar Mannebeck, and Nick Jones, for forming part of the working groups in the CEN/Mirror Committees during the past years.


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