Olfasense develops VOC emission test chamber rack system EK mRack

The EK mRack is a modular VOC emission test chamber rack system, which can be equipped with up to 6 VOC emission test chambers for highly accurate, scalable and efficient VOC chamber testing of building materials.

Depending on the volume of the VOC emission test chamber, the EK mRack complies fully with the requirements of ISO 16000-9, EN 16516, EN 717-1, as well as the GEV Testing Method.

With a typical testing period of 28 days, the EK mRack allows for several tests to run in parallel, which enormously increases the efficiency of your everyday laboratory work.

The modular design allows you to configure your EK mRack individually to meet your specific needs. Available chamber volumes are 110 l, 125 l, 225 l and 250 l. These sizes can be flexibly combined, also at a later stage. 

Find out more about the benefits of the EK mRack system on the product page and get in contact with our instruments team via sales@olfasense.com or +49 431 220 120 if you have any further questions.


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