Ortelium expands footprint with significant projects around the globe

Ortelium expands footprint with significant projects around the globe

We are excited to announce that a significant number of new Ortelium projects have been secured in various locations across the world in the past months. Some of these we don’t want to miss sharing with you.

Most recently, our team of odour experts was able to record the first win in the fish processing industry, an industry that typically generates strong odours. The Dutch client will use Ortelium’s observation management tool to de-escalate community conflicts, to identify the cause of odour complaints and to implement effective, fact-based odour impact management policies.

In a similar use case, a German municipality decided to monitor odour and noise observations of citizens to analyse the causes of frequently occurring nuisances, which were mostly associated with the local rendering plant and the local wastewater treatment plant.

Combining observation results with plant process data allowed the technical staff of the municipality to locate the potential source of nuisances, making it possible to take measures to reduce the odour and noise impact from the respective source in intensity and frequency. In addition, Ortelium allowed the client to update citizens directly on the status of their observations and the actions taken to develop a relationship of trust between citizens, technical staff of the municipality and plant operators.

Another deal was secured with a recycling and composting facility in the Île-de-France region close to Paris. Ortelium will be used to clarify the source of odour problems, enabling the facility to respond quicker to potential issues to keep the amount of odour generated on the community it serves as low as possible. In addition, the operator will learn to understand external factors like meteorology and geography better to prevent odour incidents in the future. Ortelium will also enable the operator to provide evidence in case the client’s operations were not responsible for specific complaints, which is helpful especially in areas with a diversity of potential odour sources. Discussions are underway to move to a multi-site rollout across other facilities in the country.

Another very exciting development is that additional new projects have been secured in various locations across the world through our Ortelium sales partners.

Our Benelux Ortelium sales partner Odoro – Smart odour management has recorded a first deal with a major Dutch paper producer. Due to the very low olfactory perception threshold of typical pollutants from the pulp and paper industry, odour problems are rather widespread throughout this sector.
In a first project phase, Ortelium will be used as an in-house odour incident management tool, in which trained staff members can report odour-related observations with ease. The resulting time saving means the plant can take action promptly, too.
At a later stage, the company is planning to open the system up for the local community, as integrating citizens directly into the odour management process can increase public acceptance of a site’s emissions.

What’s more, our Chilean partner ENVIROmetrika has won 3 major deals with paper and pulp mills in Chile. These projects are anticipated to snowball into opportunities in various Latin American industry sectors.

It is great to see that Ortelium is living up to its excellent and ever-increasing reputation in the most varied cases across the globe with users in Europe, the Americas and Australia. What is even better, there is more exciting Ortelium stuff just around the corner – so stay curious.

If you wish to know any further details about our latest projects, or have any questions regarding Ortelium and its remarkable features, please feel free to contact us via ortelium@olfasense.com.


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