Olfasense gains qualification as an accepted laboratory by the Volkswagen Group

Olfasense is not only accredited for the VDA 270 measurement method but also approved laboratory for odour measurements of various automotive manufacturers.

We are proud to let you know that Olfasense has recently gained the “Qualification as an accepted laboratory by the Volkswagen Group”.

Volkswagen regularly carries out round robin tests to check its suppliers for certain VW measurement standards. Only labs that successfully participate in these tests will be accepted.

By communication of 16 August 2017, Olfasense GmbH successfully participated in the two parameters PV3900 (odour) and PV3900 (odour leather) and is, therefore, an accepted laboratory of the Volkswagen Group for PV3900 measurements.

If you would like to know more about this round robin test or on our capabilities in odour testing in the automotive sector, please send an email to pm@olfasense.com.


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