IED permitting and MCERTS odour monitoring requirements for odour control systems

UK IED Permits odour improvement condition

Olfasense UK Ltd have undertaken a range of studies during 2022/2023 to help companies meet the requirements of the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) as it is rolled out to the waste and waste water sector in the UK by the Environment Agency.

A particular requirement of IED permit variations is to undertake a full appraisal of the effectiveness of odour control systems to demonstrate that they achieve the applicable emission limits and the requirements of ‘appropriate means’ and ‘BAT’.

A typical improvement condition is worded as follows:

The operator shall carry out a review of the abatement plant on site, in order to determine whether the measures have been effective and adequate to prevent and where not possible minimise emissions released to air including but not limited to odour and ammonia.

The operator shall submit a written report to the Environment Agency following this review for assessment and approval.

The report shall include but not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Full investigation and characterisation of the waste gas streams.
  2. Abatement stack monitoring results (not limited to odour and ammonia)
  3. Abatement process monitoring results (not limited to odour and ammonia)
  4. Details of air quality quantitative impact assessment including modelling and a proposal for site-specific “action levels” (not limited to odour concentration, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia).
  5. Odour monitoring results at the site boundary
  6. Records of odour complaints and odour related incidents
  7. Recommendations for improvement including the replacement or upgrading the abatement plant.
  8. Timescales for implementation of improvements to the abatement plant.

Please contact Nick Jones at or +44 (0)1225 868869 if you require any support in terms of this improvement condition, or with any other emissions/process monitoring requirement related to odour, VOCs, VOC speciation, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, HCL, and bioaerosols, as required by your permit.


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