New drive technology of the fan wheel for the Olfasense VOC emission test chamber EK1000

Innovative ventilator VOC emission test chambers

Fan construction for a magnetically driven fan

Olfasense is pleased about the development of a new fan construction for a magnetically driven fan for the EK1000 VOC emission test chamber.

Conventional VOC chambers often have the disadvantage that the fan wheel in the test chamber is driven by a very complex construction, which means a considerable amount of time in the event of maintenance. This can lead to uncomfortable downtime in laboratory use. In addition, built-in plastics and lubricants can often have a negative effect on the background concentration of the test chamber.

Our technical innovation solves both tasks.

The bearing of the driveshaft and its pressure-tight, inert sealing in the rear wall were a particular challenge in the design.

The core of the innovative design is a magnetic power transmission from the shaft driven outside the test chamber to the fan magnetically connected inside the test chamber.

Magnets built into discrete magnetic seats outside and inside the test chamber ensure, in their spatial arrangement, a direct transmission of the rotational movement to the fan. This innovation completely works without plastics and lubricants in both the bearing and the sealing, which has a positive effect on the background concentration of the test chamber (see also news on EK1000 calibration from 2 February 2021).

The replacement of the driveshaft and the fan takes less than 2 working hours on site. Your chamber is quickly ready for use again in the event of maintenance.

We thank Dietmar Mannebeck and Meik Fernberg for their innovative spirit.

Via the following link, you can find out more about our EK1000 VOC emission test chamber. Our digital showroom also enables you to experience our chamber virtually. Contact us for an individual online presentation of the EK 1000.

Marc Andresen
Senior Sales Manager
T: +49 431 220 12 14



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