Happy Holidays from the Olfasense Group 🎄🎁

Olfasense Christmas Wordle

As we approach the end of 2023, we are grateful for another successful business year and the opportunity to work with you, our valued Olfasense clients, partners, and friends.

To celebrate the holiday season and the end-of-year countdown, we have prepared a fun Olfasense game.

It has become a lovely tradition, and this year, we want to test your ability to guess a secret, odour-related word. 💬🤔💡

Start the challenge

There will be a new word puzzle every day throughout the holiday season, so make sure to come back daily for a new challenge!

But watch out: this can be challenging!

In fact, one of the most demanding tasks in odour testing is to establish the use of a common odour language among panellists.

A successful method to tackle this challenge is the use of an odour wheel and sniffing sticks with corresponding odour characters.

At Olfasense, we have developed an odour wheel that provides panellists with a comprehensive overview of odour characters structured in categories. The odour wheel is based on odour literature and was refined by experienced Olfasense GC-sniffing panellists, who also selected the most suitable sniffing sticks.

Please get in touch via contact@olfasense.com to learn more about our odour wheel with sniffing sticks. We can even customize one that is tailored to your specific needs. Our team is always up for the challenge and happy to discuss your requirements.

In the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful holiday break and look forward to working on new projects with you in 2024.

Your Olfasense team


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